Improving perceptions

Improving perceptions of

Hemel Hempstead as a safe place

to be is an important part of encouraging more people to shop, work and study in the town. A variety of BID services will tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the BID zone and make Hemel Hempstead a more welcoming place for visitors.

Pushing more economic capital into the BID zone in the shape of new businesses, property development, visitors, employees and students.


Street Rangers

A uniformed team of Street Rangers will be on hand to welcome visitors, as well as assisting the Police and businesses in cutting crime and anti-social behavior. A team of Rangers are available throughout the year with extended hours over the summer months.

Helping with

Child & Vulnerable Adult Safety

Child & Adult Safe wristbands contain information on how children or vulnerable adults can be reunited with parents and family if lost and will available at a number businesses and locations throughout Hemel Hempstead.

The Latest


Utilising both traditional methods and social media, the BID will distribute news that highlights crime reductions and promotes Hemel Hempstead as a safe place to visit, as well as bring discussed at regular meetings.