Hemel Hempstead BID was successful at ballot:

  • 37% turnout
  • 84% by number
  • 86% by rateable value

Click here to download the BID Results.
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What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and business-funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area. BIDs charge a levy to local businesses in return for providing services over and above the usual council provision.

A BID for Hemel will provide substantially more funding for improving and managing the town centre environment. It will also create a wider business community, engaging members and partners from all sectors.
Shopping in Hemel Hempstead
The BID focuses on a defined commercial area. There are now over 270 BIDs in the UK and the BID concept has become a well-established model for town and city centre regeneration. A BID can only be formed following consultation and a ballot in which businesses vote on a proposal or business plan for the area.

BIDs must go through a renewal ballot process to secure another term of up to five years. Over 90% of BIDs receive a ‘yes’ vote at renewal, providing a strong endorsement of the benefits from BID members.

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What to expect from a BID

  • A business led and business focused organisation, led by a board of directors from the local business community
  • A professional BID team delivering the projects that businesses of Hemel have told the BID that they need
  • Regular communication from your BID team about the opportunities available to you, in the form of email and printed communications
  • The chance to be involved in the shaping of the BID’s ongoing delivery through the BID advisory group
  • A central point for enquires when you may not know who can resolve an issue for you. The BID may not be the best organisation to answer your queries but it will be able to help connect you if not.
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Selling the Hemel Hempstead experience

Place marketing is a key part of the BID. The BID will deliver online media and a calendar of exciting events to raise the town’s family-friendly profile to a wider audience and attract more visitors. These will be measured against a strong and specific set of KPIs, defined by the BID steering group to ensure that real value is delivered for businesses.

Fun in Hemel Hempstead

Getting Social

The BID will promote Hemel via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All BID business will be able to supply content and messages, which the BID will amplify via these channels to ensure we reach our target family demographic.

On the net

The BID will develop an engaging and informative consumer-facing website, which will work alongside the social media channels. It will provide a strong platform for promoting what Hemel and local businesses have to offer, from markets and events to news and special offers.

Family Fun

The message from local businesses is clear: to drive footfall we should be targeting a family audience. The BID will provide a series of events focused around the school holidays to encourage families to come and spend more time in the town.

Making Connections

The BID will provide a ‘Travel to Hemel’ awareness campaign, targeting those within a 30-minute drive time. The aim will be to ensure that this core customer base is aware of the quickest, cheapest and most efficient ways of visiting the town.

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Caring for our town

Improving the presentation of the town’s public spaces is a major part of creating a brilliant experience for residents, visitors and local workers.

Clean Team

The BID will fund additional cleaning of public spaces within the town, enhancing rather than replacing the work already carried out by the council. Businesses will be provided with a dedicated hotline to call to report spot issues including graffiti, spillages and chewing gun. This will ensure that the town looks its very best, particularly at key times of the year.

Recycling Scheme

The BID will work with the major shopping centres to expand the recycling schemes already available to tenants. This will help to reduce the cost for businesses and benefit the whole town.

Street Cleaning

Working in partnership with the council, the BID will ensure that businesses across the town are satisfied with the current street cleaning schedule. Our aim will be to ensure that cleaning is targeted at times when it is most needed, such as key shopping weekends.

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Creating a safe, welcoming environment

If we want to attract more families to Hemel, it’s vital that we reassure them that the town is not only friendly and welcoming, but also safe and secure.

Aerial view of Hemel Hempstead

Street Ambassadors

A team of uniformed Street Ambassadors will welcome visitors, providing information about what events are taking place and answering any questions they may have. The Ambassadors will also liaise with businesses to ensure that any concerns can be resolved as quickly as possible, with a focus on the reduction of anti-social behaviour and cleaning issues.

Child Safe

The BID will operate a Child Safe scheme, with designated stores in the town used as safe spaces for any lost children to go to. This will provide visiting families with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is being done to make Hemel an even safer town to visit.

Sharing Information

The BID will provide an online information sharing system, allowing businesses to report and share information on anti-social behaviour and shop theft.

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Download Documents

List of Streets Schedule Business Plan BID Operating Agreement
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